BCP600 the Citrus Press

Effortless, one handed operation allows you to create a delicious juice with minimum effort. Finned juicing cone and fruit dome provides grip and pressure to maximize juice extraction. You can squeeze every last drop of juice from the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit from the same cone. After juicing just flip up the juicing spout to prevent drips. The juicing cone, filter basket and juice collector are designed for quick and efficient work, and they’re all removable for easy cleaning. Enjoy the taste of fresh citrus juice anytime.




  • Drip Stop Juice spout
  • A stainless juice filter for pulp control
  • Soft Grip handle
  • On handed operation – arm press with soft grip handle
  • Heavy Grade Polymer Body
  • A juicing cone for all citrus sizes
  • The power-assisted arm allow for quick effortless juicing
  • Dishwasher safe ( juicing cone, juice collector, juice filter, and fruit dome)


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