Sales & Service Policy

RICMAS is a straight and fully transparent organization with customer service in the center of our operation.  Our Sales & Service Policy shall demonstrate our own confidence in the product and help customers to get technical problems solved fast and efficiently.  We seek your kind understanding if at times we can’t fulfill our own standards due to extreme workload especially during festive seasons.


Free Delivery and Demonstration of Machines
Every Jura IMPRESSA purchased from RICMAS (from the office or any Department Store) is, upon request of the customer, delivered, installed and set-up within East Malaysia free of charge. Delivery of the machine shall not be later than 2 working days after purchase, unless the customer specifically asks for a later delivery.

Failure to receive the machine
If a customer fails to receive the machine at a prefixed date/time of appointment, we shall NOT charge for the second attempt to deliver, but a nominal fee of subject on local product for 3rd attempt.

Dead on arrival of new machines
If a machine shows manufacturing defects immediately upon delivery, we shall replace the machine with a new one within 7 days after purchase. For defects arising after the first 7 days, we shall proceed with the normal servicing as described under section “2 Service / Warranty of Machines”

Early defect within one month
If a customer faces continuous operational problems (for whatever reason), we consider letting the customer choose a different model and he/she pays the difference if it is an upgrade or we pay the difference if it is a downgrade. This exchange is a ONE-TIME offer only. We do not practice refund of a machines unless the machine is originally packed and has not been used. Meaning the machine is in a merchandisable condition. Machines purchased in the Department Store are under the “Terms & Condition of Sales” of that Department Store.


Warranty is a service granted by RICMAS in case of a factory fault and the customer encounters reduced or non functionality. A typical Warranty case shall be a failure of a computer panel. Any fault caused by the wrong operation of the machine is NOT under Warranty and the customer has to pay for the servicing. A typical NON-Warranty case is a faulty grinder due to the usage of inappropriate coffee used in the machine

Free Service for machines under Warranty
All works on machines under warranty are executed free of charge. For East Malaysia territory we do not charge for transportation as well. The Warranty conditions are stated on our Warranty Card and exclude wear and tear as well as commercial usage of machines. Damages to the machine due to coffee quality are not covered under warranty. The decision whether a defect is a warranty case or not is solely defined by the technical support in charge.

Warranty Service request during off-hours
If a customer insists for a warranty works to be executed during off-hours there shall be no charges involved. However, it is always best to get the machine back to the service center for a complete check.

Machines under International Warranty
We do perform repair for machines under International Warranty. The customer will have to proof purchase or present the original Warranty card as provided during purchase. International Warranty works can ONLY be executed in our workshop. The customer will have to bring in the machine or we shall collect the faulty machine.

Speed of Warranty Service
All machines under warranty shall enjoy a preferred service speed of 24 hours. We try our very best to maintain that speed and return the repaired machine the following day. During busy times we might not be able to do so.

Loan-Set during Warranty Repairs
We consider providing a loan-set for the period while the Customer’s machine (which is under Warranty) is in our workshop. A loan-set is always of the same or a smaller/older model ONLY.


It is always best to service a machine at our workshop for a number of reasons like usage of the Animation System, Software upgrade and also a better facility in opening and cleaning the machine. We shall have the following options for customers to choose from:

Carry in Service (Fee: RM 100.00)
The customer can bring the faulty machine into our workshop for servicing. Minor problems shall be repaired “on the spot”. The time to repair shall be less than 48 hours.

On-Site Service (Fee: RM 150.00)
This service shall apply mainly to commercial or office users. We should try our best to encourage the customer to get the machine back to the workshop, but if the customer insists we shall proceed with on-site service.

Collect – Return Servicing (Fee: RM 150.00)
If a machine needs to be brought back to our workshop for repair, we shall collect the faulty machine and return it repaired to you.

Multiple Servicing (Fee: RM 150.00 + RM 80.00)
For customers who wish to have more than 1 machine serviced at the same location and the same time, the 2nd or 3rd machine will be charge at RM150.00 each.

Service in restricted Areas (Fee: RM 200.00)
If the servicing has to be carried out at an office or home where there is a restricted area, the cost of servicing is at RM400.00 due to prolonged time required and the handling of passes. A restricted area is a place where there is no access for the public and the entry is subjected to a pass. All costs involved in obtaining a pass are at the customer’s expenses.


We shall grant a warranty of parts and labor for 3 months. Service Warranty and Warranty do not role each other out. The Warranty on Service applies to the specific parts ONLY which have been changed. We do NOT guarantee a “no-fail” for 3 Months.

Repeated service within 3 months of previous service
If a machine fails within 3 months after service due to a different problem than before, we shall charge accordingly with a service fee of RM80 or RM120 exclude spare parts charge. the customer insists we shall proceed with on-site service.


Service Cost below RM 300.00
If the total service cost is below RM300.00, we shall go ahead with the service unless special instruction was given by customer. The customer gives us the consent to do so by signing the service form.

Service Cost above RM 300.00
For any service repair which costs more than RM300.00, the technical support shall give the customer a call and inform them about the estimated cost and seek their consent to repair. The service time for machines under Quotation might be prolonged.

No-repair for machines under Quotation
If a customer requests for a quotation and decides later not to proceed with the service / repair, there are no charges involved.