La Scala Eroica

This is the range of compact-size espresso coffee machines par excellence, devised and produced by la SCALA to meet the needs of coffee-shops, bars, restaurants and similar establishments that have limited room to install a multi-purpose machine for making hot drinks.

In a space of little more than 2.5 sq.m., EROICA can produce up to 400 cups an hour of Espresso, as well as Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, tea and any other drink using steam or hot water. This range of machines has strictly professional features and technical specifications, and they are therefore perfect for prolonged use and heavy duty, but are extremely simple.

EROICA is available with automatic programmable dosing or semiautomatic dosing with electric or mechanical control. The “compact” price creates excellent business opportunities for all the related industries and puts this product in the top ranks of market competitiveness.


Number of delivery groups111222
Dosing system4 automaticswitchlever4 automaticswitchlever
Steam wand111221
Hot-water wand111111
Width (mm)320320320600600600
Depth (mm)450450450500500500
Height (mm)430430430440440440
Weigth (kg)252525868686
Copper boiler (liter)222999
Power supply230/50-60 Hz Watt 1.300230/50-60 Hz Watt 1.300230/50-60 Hz Watt 1.300230/50-60 Hz Watt 2.500230/50-60 Hz Watt 2.500230/50-60 Hz Watt 2.500

Colours: red bordeaux, grey, silver

Optional colours: Black, Stainless Steel and Gold


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