Franke Flaire – Coffee Machine

The FRANKE Flair coffee machine is ideal for anyone wanting to serve a perfect cup of coffee without needing the performance of a large machine. With ten individually programmable options, and the ability to heat or froth milk automatically, the FRANKE Flair Coffee Machine can produce something like a latte macchiato; simply at the touch of a button.

  • Easily capable of producing around 100 cups per day;
  • The operating panel has 10 product buttons;
  • There’s automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling functions;
  • You can direct dispense coffee & milk foam; simply at the touch of a button;
  • There even provision for connection to dispensing and billing systems.


Technical Specification

Dimensions423mm Wide
532mm Deep
523mm or 630mm high
(with extended cannister)
Cup Capacity50 – 100 cups/day
Hot Water Dispenseyes


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